Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We moved from Utah to Florida this past June.  It's been a ton of work but so worth it!  We moved because my middle daughter was pregnant with twins...and...my oldest daughter was expecting.  She and her family live in NC.   The twins were born August 6 and the NC baby was born August 13. We are so very blessed to have three beautiful, healthy boys to our family.

Now that things are settling down I'm back to business.  So what to do in the hot, humid summer day in Florida...ice dye of course!  I've seen it done on silk scarves, which makes beautiful patterns that make the eye dance.  So I thought why not try it on wool top. Her is a little video I made dyeing wool top with ice.

Here is a closer view of the ice dyed yarn

It just goes to show you fiber can be dyed in a multitude of ways.  No way is the wrong way, just have fun.